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Continue purchasing only if you agree to these rules. Thank you


We ship your order to the address you provide when placing your order. Please ensure that the address entered is correct before confirming your order. If you have indicated an error in the address, please contact us as quickly as possible to change it.

If you choose standard delivery without a tracking code, we are not responsible for the loss of the letter by the post office. 

Orders are dispatched within 1-30 days after placing the order.

(you can check before placing an order through the form in the chat) 

Also, if the buyer indicated the address incorrectly or the package was not selected by the client, then the delivery will need to be paid again.


We issue refunds only in the following cases:

  • The order has not yet been shipped.

  • The order was confiscated by customs (if evidence is provided)

  • An order placed with a tracking code did not reach you within 90 days.


We begin processing the order only after confirmation of payment.
We accept payment by credit cards, PayPal or bank transfer.

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